Admin-Consensus-* = 0.5; What happens if 3/5 admins are not availible.

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Let's assume there are 5 administrators in the network and the admin parameter is set to 0.5.

What happens if 3 out of 5 administrators are unavailable due to a node failure, they decide to boycott the network by passivity or they lost their private key?

Is there a possibility to reduce the consensus mine to 0.2 with the remaining two administrators or to save the network otherwise?
asked Mar 4, 2020 by JoToTheHannes

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No, this is not possible, otherwise the security model would be undermined. When designing your network, you need to think carefully about who the administrators are, and how many of them you want to require being active to keep the administration model viable.
answered Mar 4, 2020 by MultiChain