Multichain Explorer Not Working

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Hello there...quick question.

I have Multichain v2.3.3 successfully set up on a cloud server.  Everything is working as planned.  

However, I noticed when I "turn off" laptop and turn it back on again, the explorer stops working.

In other words, I have to run this command again:

python3 -m explorer [CHAIN NAME].ini daemon

To fire it up.

Is there a reason why this happens?  


asked May 29, 2023 by pavondunbar

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If you close the terminal window on a remote server which initiated the Explorer process, then the processes running within that window will be terminated as well. This is normal Linux remote access behavior. The solution is a command called nohup, which you can read about online.

answered May 29, 2023 by MultiChain
selected May 31, 2023 by pavondunbar
Thank you!  I will try the nohup command as you recommended.

Appreciate you!

Your recommendation worked!  I appreciate you helping me with this...thanks again!