multichain getchaintips details.

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Hi team,

Can you please help me understand the meaning of these status in my blockchain and if any implication for having such values. 

I saw the meaning of each status using the help menu which got me scared and in my multichain I 've about 400 invalid blocks. Also I 've about 24k blocks in my setup, what's the status of them now.  

Possible values for status:
1.  "invalid"                       This branch contains at least one invalid block
2.  "headers-only"                  Not all blocks for this branch are available, but the headers are valid
3.  "valid-headers"                 All blocks are available for this branch, but they were never fully validated
4.  "valid-fork"                    This branch is not part of the active chain, but is fully validated
5.  "active"                        This is the tip of the active main chain, which is certainly valid

[ec2-user@ip-172-31-22-144 ~]$ multichain-cli chain1 getchaintips | grep status | cut -d ":" -f2  | sort -n | uniq -c

      1  "active"
      1  "headers-only"
    395  "invalid"
   1091  "valid-fork"
   1062  "valid-headers"

asked Nov 28, 2017 by ashish235
The only statistic there which is strange in the "invalid" one. Are you doing anything to deliberately create invalid blocks, or using features like bantx to ban specific transactions?

No, nothing deliberate here. I 'm sending sendassetfrom command using my jmeter.  Is my multichain in danger? because personally for me it's working fine. I can transfer assets and they are getting confirmed.

I took a fresh count now.

[ec2-user@ip-172-31-22-144 ~]$ multichain-cli chain1 getchaintips | grep status | cut -d ":" -f2  | sort -n | uniq -c

      1  "active"
      1  "headers-only"
    417  "invalid"
   1208  "valid-fork"
   1195  "valid-headers"

And it seems to be increasing.
OK, can you also tell us the target-block-time (from the blockchain parameters) please?
it's the default 15 secs.

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answered Nov 30, 2017 by MultiChain
Thanks! We can continue the discussion on that page.