Can I use createrawsendfrom without adding the sending address to the node's wallet?

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I'm designing a system in which my users will have a pair of keys each (which I generate outside of the nodes). Now I would like to create transactions without having to add the address to a node's wallet.

It would be a bad practice? Or should I need to have all of my users addresses added to the node's wallet?

EDIT: I sent assets to an address that was not registered in any node (creating it following the specs in the docs) and it worked just fine, I see the address in the explorer with the amount of assets I sent to it. Now I imported the address to a node following this guide: And for my surprise, the address shows no transactions and no balance. Did I do something wrong?

EDIT 2: I sent more assets now that I imported the address. Before I sent 2500 and now I sent 2500 more. In the explorer it shows a balance of 5000 while in the node doing getaddressbalances 1Ctbeg4ro9UKeoTg2UGYvDi1mMQVNo9AdNfrnU 0 it displays 2500. And if I want to send 4000 units, it fails with Insufficient funds.

EDIT 3: After some reading I read that I have to use rescan. This leads me to think that I will have to import every address for each of my users if I want to make transactions. Am I correct? If yes, is there a limit for addresses in a node's wallet?
asked Nov 26, 2017 by anonymous

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Yes, you should use rescan to ensure you detect previous transactions sent to an address when you use importaddress. There is no hard limit on the number of addresses in the wallet, but some APIs (getmultibalances and listunspent) can be slow if there are thousands of unspent transaction outputs belonging to the addresses in the wallet.

answered Nov 27, 2017 by MultiChain