issuing an asset to a non existent address

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I was playing around with 2 chains, and accidentally issued an asset to an address on the wrong chain, so now the asset is listed and open but not to an address on that chain, and I cannot really do anything with it - any way around this?
asked Nov 22, 2017 by mark

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First this should only be possible if both chains are using the same address-pubkeyhash-version and address-checksum-value parameters so I'll assume that's the case. (It's generally recommended not to do this across chains, to prevent this kind of mistake.)

If so, your solution is to get the private key (dumpprivkey command) for the address on the node and chain that the address was created on. You can then import that private key (importprivkey) into a node on the other chain. This will make the issued asset units available.

This will only work if the private-key-version parameter is the same for both chains.

answered Nov 22, 2017 by MultiChain
Thanks...I should have thought of that...:-)... And yes, we are running 2 chains with bitcoin format address creation, to make it easier for developers to integrate into their own apps etc..It was easier to do this than have them learn even more than they have right now..