Problem with asset decimals [closed]

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I have created an asset with unit=0.0001 but when I make a transaction per 2.5 the address just recieve 2 units not the decimals
closed with the note: I found the problem in my node js file
asked Aug 28, 2017 by Luis Acerv
closed Aug 28, 2017 by Luis Acerv
Please post the information about this asset from listassets, and also the full API command you are using to send the 2.5 units.

        "name" : "Kchin-coin-test2",
        "issuetxid" : "b705bae940476a65930a3c10d0c91a512fe2398aab1993df64c272ced96be28c",
        "assetref" : "310-266-1463",
        "multiple" : 10000000,
        "units" : 0.00000010,
        "open" : false,
        "details" : {
        "issueqty" : 100000000.00000000,
        "issueraw" : 1000000000000000,
        "subscribed" : false


createrawsendfrom someaddress '{"someotheraddress":{"Kchin-coin-test2":2.5}}'

I have wrapped this in node js, the transaction completes from console and node js but only take the int