PoS, PoA is it possible on multichain?

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I am new to MultiChain and from my understanding, MultiChain uses Proof of Work as the consensus mechanism.

I want to use MultiChain for research purpose and i want to know if i set "pow-minimun-bits" to 0 (zero), on a technical (dificulty) level wouldn't it be like using PoS or PoA (without any validators to stake their coins) consensus mechansim?

Also, is there a solution to use or implement Proof of Stake or Proof of Authority on MultiChain?
asked Mar 10, 2023 by linked

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Generally MultiChain uses proof of authority (based on addresses with mine permissions and the mining-diversity blockchain parameter) if you leave most blockchain parameters on their default settings.

However it can be configured for proof-of-work mining using bitcoin's scheme, if you set anyone-can-mine to true and target-adjust-freq to an appropriate positive number.

There is no current support for proof of stake. More on blockchain parameters:


answered Mar 11, 2023 by MultiChain