The central main key holder

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Say you have
1 block = 2 keys pairs and this is a mined block frim 1 computer.

Now you have computer number 2 with   the same.. 1 block and 2 keys pairs.

both have individual balances...

I need them to have the same balance across both and who ever connects to this system configuration.

How would you keep a main balance and keys... across all?
So that they are all working togeather.

because I'm trying to account for the blocks and who mined them.

So if a miner quits...  or disappear...
What accounts for those blocks mined?  where are the keys stored so that the work of creating the blocks is not lost and the balance remains the same?  unhinged...

that way I can make a 3 year rule or 30 day rule to pull the un accounted blocks and put them as free blocks with no account up for sale..?
Because.. u have the key pairs associated with the blocks mined. This ensures the main balance across all nodes. That way blocks associated with and individual can be traded bought or sold and accounted for.

I'm trying to make a central accounting across all that can be tapped... So that people designated can approve spending and buying of blocks associated with the balance across the spectrum.

How would you set this senario up?
 Thank u in advance...
asked Oct 14, 2017 by muslimsoap

1 Answer

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I didn't fully understand your question, but if you want to share balances across nodes you need to share the private keys between them, using dumpprivkey and importprivkey.

answered Oct 16, 2017 by MultiChain