which is best solution for local currency decentralized or centralized multichain?

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I am going to develop a multichain base application to develop a local currency where user can create there wallets and can make transaction using web app ? So what is best way to develop this app. I am little bit confuse about decentralized architecture that how a single web app connect with multiple nodes dynamically? I am appreciate if Any one can suggest me best solution for it ?
asked Oct 10, 2017 by Sufyan Ahmad

2 Answers

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If all the users are accessing the system through the same web app hosted in the same place, there's not much point in using a blockchain. If different users are using different web apps, hosted by different trusted entities, then each entity should run its own node, and have their own web app connect to their own node.
answered Oct 10, 2017 by MultiChain
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1web app with allot of users is centrally located and the wallet is certainly at the same spot, sooo your actualized wallet must contain assests or pools of funds. Thus assests that are tapable from a central place. Then means centralized.

Decentralized means various locations different aspects being put forward, for various workloads, and transactions. Usually from different block chains.
answered Oct 14, 2017 by muslimsoap