Multichain web demo is not working

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 I have cloned the source code from the git ( which is a multichain web demo developed on PHP. I have hosted in local server and run the chain and am getting the following error (

The screen shot is here(

Thanks in advance.
asked Oct 3, 2017 by shivap17

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Am answering my own question because this may useful for someone. My web server and block chain was running on the same machine,
answered Oct 3, 2017 by shivap17
I assume you mean there weren't running on the same machine, but now that they are it works? There is also the option of using rpcallowip for the situation where they're not running on the same machine.
Previously the block chain and the web server is running on the same machine. That is why I got the error what I have mentioned in the question earlier. If I keep them (block chain and web server) in separate machines, I didn't face any issues. Is there any option to keep  block chain and web server on same machine?
That's strange - usually the issue is the other way round, with people needing to use the rpcallowip setting to enable a separation. In your case this may be a firewall or other system configuration issue, but certainly there's nothing inside MultiChain to prevent co-hosting of the node and web server on the same machine.
The mistake I was making was that web server is running in the same machine as the node. But I put the actual address instead of default.rpchost=  . So I had to put rpcallowip=[IP address of your web server] in the config file which I had overlooked
Ah, OK. That makes sense!