Use dumped wallet, or private key, to bootstrap new physical machine (node) in existing blockchain

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The api allows for exporting (dumping) both privatekeys individually, or the entire wallet, for importing elsewhere. That's great, except to use either, I have to bootstrap a new node with

multichaind chainname@host:port

which will then result in a new keypair being generated, which then needs connect permission to receive final params. Overwriting the generated wallet.dat with exported one, does nothing. It simply keeps asking to allow for the newly generated pub key to be granted permissions.


Is there no way to introduce a new node with existing keypair, exported from existing physical device, without first having to connect to the chain with a newly generated one?

asked Sep 27, 2017 by bklaase

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Yes, please take a look at the initprivkey runtime parameter:

answered Sep 28, 2017 by MultiChain
Thank you for your reply!
I have found the solution by realizing that I should not be using 'dumpwallet', but rather 'backupwallet' rpc command.
Sorry for wasting your time, and hopefully this helps someone in the future, making the same mistake .. :)
No problem - initprivkey might also be a good solution for you.