Multichain for Identity Management & Verification Services

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Hello all,

I am curious. I have deployed 2 nodes as a part of a PoC and am using PERL to generate WIF watch-only addresses. The Private Keys are stored encrypted in another database.

May I ask: how can I use Multichain to: 

  1. Create an asset (such as  Government issued document), create a hash and send to the wallet address?
  2. Either create these addresses on the multichain-cli and import into the user's personal wallet (outside Multichain) OR create externally using PERL or Javascript and import later into multichain (with or without the private keys).
Thank you
asked Sep 17, 2017 by linuxprophet

1 Answer

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There are several tutorials that will help you here:

If you have any questions about specific steps, please feel free to ask in this Q&A.
answered Sep 18, 2017 by MultiChain