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I have a question about some security concerns we have about Multichain.  If we have 1 multichain node with send/receive permissions with Wallet A, and another multichain node with send/receive permissions with Wallet B.


We can log into the Multichain node for Wallet A and send funds from Wallet A to Wallet B.  The conern is that while we are on the node for Multichain Wallet A, we can also access Wallet B, and we can send funds from Wallet B to Wallet A without Wallet B's consent/permission.  This is bad and a security concern.

Is there anyway to make transactions private and restrict them so that only that wallet owner can execute transactions for that Wallet.  For example Wallet A, should only be able to withdraw from Wallet A, and only Wallet A.


asked Sep 5, 2017 by jward01

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I'm not sure where you're getting this impression from, but it is certainly not possible for one node to send funds that belong to another node. The node for Wallet A can see the balance of Wallet B, but not sign transactions on Wallet B's behalf, and therefore not send funds belonging to Wallet B. This distribution of control is the whole point of a blockchain.
answered Sep 6, 2017 by MultiChain
selected Sep 21, 2017 by jward01