Problem with Multichain Web Demo

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Hello. I am new in Multichain.

I just finished installing Multichain Web Demo with following all the guides provided in the GitHub repo. However, when I open it from the browser I see only a page with "My Node" displayed with no details below. The links also do not display anything when I click on it. What could be wrong?

Is the problem configuration file? # name to display in the web interface
default.rpchost=   # IP address of MultiChain node (I didn't change it bcz the web server is running on the same machine as the node.)
default.rpcport=9283        # see rpc-port from chain parameters
default.rpcuser=multichainrpc       # username for RPC from multichain.conf
default.rpcpassword=( put my password)  ... # password for RPC from multichain.conf

Thank you.

asked Aug 13, 2017 by Tahani Qadi

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Make sure you have the curl extension installed for PHP. You can also look for the cause of the problem in your web server's error_log (or equivalent) file.

answered Aug 13, 2017 by MultiChain
Hi I have the curl extension installed but am getting the error HTTP 0
Most likely the MultiChain node is not running, or the credentials in the Web Demo config file are wrong.
Confirmed that the node is running. The node and the web server are sitting in the same server. From the multichain.conf the rpcallowip= Just to confirm all is well on the IP side and password is okay.

Could i be missing something else?
Thank You. It's working now!
Thanks finally worked for me too.  The RPC port was wrong. Changed it to the right one and all worked fine
Great - thanks for the update.