Explanation for behaviour after first setup-first-blocks are mined

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My blockchain mined automatically the setup-first-blocks, and then only mines when somethink like a "send" ocurrs.

I would like to continue mining this blocks for a while, but not still in the setup phase.

I set ->

anyone-can-mine = true

mining-requires-peers = true            
mine-empty-rounds = 10

But wasn't enough.

Do I have to change mine-empty-rounds? How this parameter wroks along the others?

With two nodes connected, multichain is still wating for actual transactions to mine beyond block 60.
asked Aug 9, 2017 by germat
Please clarify which exact version of MultiChain you are using, since we fixed some issues relating to this in the 1.0 release.
Just release 1.0 . thanks.
OK, please post the output of getblockchainparams so we can see your full configuration and determine what is going on.

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I recently had the same issue but found something strange.. if the deamon was online on the 2nd machine or virtual box..  both were mining at their own balance and own Blox and then at first everything was fine till i connected that 2nd box then they only mined when commands went to it.  It being the 1st...

But of course I was following the youtube instructions. And that made it happen I'm almost positive of it.

It was because on that 2nd box I created a miner called the same name as the 1st bix I was trying to mine.. Connection was ok but get info was way off because ir the reverse deamon i made to the first box from the 2nd virtual machine... it got confused eventually like a loop and things just stopped.
answered Oct 14, 2017 by muslimsoap
Can you send me youtube link please?