something went wrong about params "setup-first-blocks"

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hi,when i first time using multichain and "setup-first-blocks" default is 60,but it will still mine after 60 blocks,now it reached 30000+ blocks and still growing.

Today I created a new blockchain with some params modification(like adding fees),"setup-first-blocks" is still default 60. After some while, i found blocks stopped at 59,and never grow.

So,can you explain what's going on?and why this happen?

Thank you~

asked Mar 9, 2016 by gannicus

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It's about the constraint mining-requires-peers whose default value is set in the blockchain parameters but which can also be modified per node using the runtime parameters. If this setting is true, then after the setup phase has completed, a node will only mine blocks if it's connected to another node. This prevents a node which got disconnected from the network from running away, mining on its own.

answered Mar 9, 2016 by MultiChain