Modifying params.dat file

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I started by installing multichain on the first node and after the initial step I wanted to edit the params.dat to enable all possible operations to anyone. I used nano text editor to make the changes however when I started the multichain daemon, it failed with an assertion error. I deleted the generated files and recreated the chain more times ensuring that I don't corrupt the config file but had no success.
asked Aug 20, 2015 by anonymous

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You cannot modify the config file once a chain is up and running, i.e. once multichaind is called for that chain, since the configuration is baked into the immutable blockchain itself.

May I recommend following the instructions on this page:

If you want to reuse a chain name that you used previously, make sure that multichaind is not currently running for that chain, and then remove the corresponding directory which will be: ~/.multichain/[chain-name]

You should then be able to start again with a clean slate. 

answered Aug 20, 2015 by MultiChain