Cannot retrieve Root Stream Transaction Details

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I would like to access the transaction details of the root stream for my genesis node.

I run the command:

multichain-cli monex liststreams root true

It produced the result where it shows the "createtxid" as "6da617dce28b0c83ebee815cda60f500ab65cf7e22a6598eda5699a66cc3262d"

(see screenshot 1 attached).

However when I run the command:

multichain-cli monex getrawtransaction 6da617dce28b0c83ebee815cda60f500ab65cf7e22a6598eda5699a66cc3262d

The result is No information available about transaction

(see screenshot 2 below)

I also notice in the debug.log this transaction is logged when creating the new stream (shown below)

2017-07-06 13:57:08 New stream. TxID: 6da617dce28b0c83ebee815cda60f500ab65cf7e22a6598eda5699a66cc3262d, StreamRef: 0-81-9773, Name: root

How can I get details of this transaction? (in particularly the timestamp detail)

Thanks in advance.




asked Jul 6, 2017 by WRM

1 Answer

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The root stream is created in the first transaction in the blockchain, which just so happens not to be accessible form the getrawtransaction API (for reasons we inherited from Bitcoin Core).

You can still see the full transaction details using: getblock 0 4

answered Jul 6, 2017 by MultiChain