Is it possible to remove the "retrieve" keyword from a stream that previously has retrieve?

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I just want to confirm that my understanding is correct. 

For a node setup in Multichain Community version, the following assumptions are made:

  • Subscribe command always executes with retrieve for community version .
  • When subscribed to a stream restricted to offchain data only, all items are automatically retrieved. 

After upgrading this same node to Enterprise version:

  • Trimsubscribe command can be executed to change the behavior of the node's subscription to a stream. 
  • After trimming retrieve parameter from the subscription, the node will no longer retrieve the offchain data automatically. only the onchain hash and metadata will be indexed.  
  • Perviously retrieved offchain items will remain in the node unless running purgestreamitems. 
  • purgestreamitems only purges offchain data on the node that was not published by the node itself. 

For nodes running enterprise:

  • purgestreamitems can be run at any given time, somewhat like clearing a cache.
  • when retrieving offchain data on demand, is the speed of the transfer from source node to destination node dictated primarily by the connection speed between the two nodes?


asked Jul 1, 2019 by anonymous

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Everything you write is correct.

Regarding the final question, the bottleneck could be the connection speed between the nodes, or it could be the speed at which data is processed at both ends (since there is hashing involved). If both nodes are running on mid-range servers you can expect to transfer around 25 MB/second if bandwidth is unconstrained.
answered Jul 1, 2019 by MultiChain