A possible bug in Multichain Web Demo

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Hello dear,

I would like to leave a fact:

I'm using Multichain Web Demo to monitor part of my tests. I enjoy this interface and I will use it in my final application.

I'm using stream and I think this approach is applicable to general use. In my tests I put some single data, but the Web Demo don't show nothing (or zero) in the field "data" when I uses the option "View streams" from main menu.

I saw the code (page-view.php) and the algorithm considers the field "data" as a hexadecimal content ($binary=pack('H*', $item['data']), line 151).

I don't know if is a bug or not. But for my use at the moment, I changed temporaly that line to "$binary=$item['data']".

Many thanks.

Best regards.
asked Jun 21, 2017 by rcosta

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The MultiChain Web Demo is designed to display data that has been embedded in a stream by the Web Demo itself, i.e. either an uploaded file (in an envelope format defined in the Web Demo's code) or UTF-8 encoded text. It does not correctly information in other formats that could be written in other ways. This is why it is a "Demo" :)

For general viewing of data in the blockchain, you may find the MultiChain Explorer more suitable.
answered Jun 22, 2017 by MultiChain
It's ok! So, isn't a bug. Thanks!