importaddress problem

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I'm trying to do a multi signature transaction:

Funding txn: buyer -> multisign address

Spending txn: multisign address -> seller

Naturally, multisign address is created with both buyer and seller public keys.

However when I create and send funding txn on the chain, the seller cannot see this transaction by using listtransactions command. The only way for him to check if the funding transaction is committed is to ask the txid from the buyer and use getrawtransaction command with the specified txid.

To make things easier I tried to add the multisign address to the seller's wallet (based on your suggestion) by using the importaddress command with rescan parameter set to true in order to rescan the entire local block database for transactions affecting any address or pubkey script in the wallet (including transaction affecting the newly-added address).

Unfortunately the funding txn is still not visible for the seller despite that the getaddresses command lists the multisign address correctly on the seller node.

Can you help me with this? (I'm using v11)

Thanks a lot
asked Nov 25, 2015 by wmiki

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I've looked into this some more and it seems my other answer about addmultisigaddress is not correct. The importaddress command should be fine. Perhaps the problem is that when listtransactions was called, the fourth includeWatchOnly parameter was not set to true?

answered Nov 29, 2015 by MultiChain
Thanks for your answer! You are right, I did not notice that parameter. I added it and works wonderfully :) thanks a lot