Issuemore from node2

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Hi Multichain Team, I am running two nodes node1 and node2 ,  and i have created assets in node1 and node2 respectively(asset1,asset2)  , Using Atomicexchange i got some part of node1's asset in node2 and node2's asset in node1, now the question is when i am trying to do issuemore for the asset1 in node2 i am getting the following error.

Issuing more units for this asset is not allowed from this wallet 

Please tell me how to do issuemore the asset1 in node2.

Note : I have issued the asset with the option "open:true".

asked May 1, 2017 by Rajeev

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I would say that you have to grant issue permission on this asset (from the issuer to the adresse which issue more).

You can see the part "granting permissions" in this tutorial :
answered May 2, 2017 by AntoineVht