[Error] Adding more quantity to an asset

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I created an an asset from my admin node. Then I tired to add few more qty to that asset using 

issuemore [address] [asset] [qty]

It said we cant add more quantity to myasset.. How can i solve this??

asked Mar 18, 2016 by Veera

1 Answer

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When issuing the asset, you need to explicitly specify that its open for further issuances. To do this, pass a parameter like the example below, in place of the asset name in the issue command:


(This assumes you're using a command-line interface, otherwise you can remove the outer single quotes.)

answered Mar 18, 2016 by MultiChain
Can "open" be set to true after an asset has been issued? If not, can an asset be removed, and reissued with the same name?
No, I'm afraid neither of these are possible, because the nature of blockchains is to provide an immutable history. If we allowed assets to be opened after they were issued closed, there would be no meaning to them being closed in the first place.