starting the first node does not exit

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i am fairly new to multichain and was following the tutorial

so far i have created a new chain (chain1)with default parameters

 now the command line does not exit when starting the node

i can try to connect with a second node but since the first one is stuck i wont be able to grant permission.


i tried some more and enabled that all can  connect, so the second node can be connected but it gets stuck too upon starting!

if i force exit and try to use some multichain-cli commands i always get the error that it cant connect to the server.


what could be the cause of this?
 is it a problem with the ports?
asked Apr 26, 2017 by Aenhe

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I assume you're running in Windows, in which case the -daemon option to run MultiChain in the background is not yet functional. Instead, you can open a second command-line window to send API commands. You should also please note the other comments at the top of the README.txt file in the Windows download.

answered Apr 27, 2017 by MultiChain