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I had a multichain setup with 4 nodes, 2 of my nodes have gone down after 2 days. Now when I try to restart these nodes, I get an error like below at both nodes:-

 "ERROR: Couldn't initialize permission database for blockchain <chain-name>. Probably multichaind for this blockchain is already running. Exiting...".

But no multichain process is running at any of the nodes.

I am using alpha 19 version of multichain, can you please help?

asked Apr 28, 2016 by amanc
One more question - when you say the node went down, was this because MultiChain itself crashed or because the host servers/instances went down?

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Try running multichaind with reindex=1 which should clear up the database.

Can you give me any guidance on the volume of transactions you were running when the node went down?

answered Apr 28, 2016 by MultiChain
I tried with multichaind <chain-name>@<ip>:<port> -reindex=1 but still get the same error message.

Also the number of transaction on the blockchain other than coinbase transactions are quite low - just a 2 digit number.
If multichaind is not running, it is likely permission database is corrupted as a result of node crash or multichaind was killed while the database was in inconsistent state. You can see the error in the end of permissions.log file.

You can remove permissions.* and entities.* from multichain directory and restart multichaind with -reindex=1
Yes works after removing permissions and entities files. Thanks.
FYI the latest alpha 20 automatically does this for you when reindex=1.