invalid address when send asset from node2 to node1 address , while the two nodes are connected

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I have two nodes have multichain , the first node called N1 and the second called N2
then I used multichaind to connect from N1 to N2.
then I created asset on N2 and try to send to address of N1 , return invalid address
I got the N1 address from command(getaddresses),
asked Nov 30, 2021 by Osama Rizk
edited Dec 1, 2021

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You wrote invalid asset which is different from an invalid address. Can you please provide the full error message as shown? Also are you sure the two nodes are connected on the same network, i.e. that you only created a single blockchain?
answered Dec 1, 2021 by MultiChain
please find the below
1- N2 has an asset(OsCoin) as in the below:
"name" : "OsCoin",,"issuecount" : 1,"issueqty" : 50000
2- getpeerinfo (return the below handshake addresses) which is mean that two nodes are connecting
 "handshakelocal" : "1Na5XmCvBMbN7QtLiQwPi8riKX9LSMa1SDeCFz",
  "handshake" : "1E65MNGxaLpkhPjWy1HY1FkbxEndvgJgQ1gR9u",

3- I used the below command to send asset to N1

sendasset 126gVPz7WFQ3Wg2sNSBPpGyMTcomxKTaxU7oHu OsCoin 3000

i got the below error:

N2: sendasset 126gVPz7WFQ3Wg2sNSBPpGyMTcomxKTaxU7oHu OsCoin 3000

error code: -5
error message:
Invalid address
Thanks, please also show the command you use that gives that address, and its output.