Node2 is getting stuck when trying to connect to Node1

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I am using EC2 instances.

I installed multichiain in Node1 and everything works fine.

Then later I did the same in setup in Node2, once after modifying the inbound rules and giving rights to node2 in multichain.

I am able to connect, but connection is not complete, it got stuck as below for a long time.

Unable to retreive params in node2 as well.

ubuntu@ip-172-31-22-80:~$ multichaind chain1@

MultiChain Core Daemon build 1.0 alpha 26 protocol 10006

Chain chain1 already exists, adding to list of peers

Other nodes can connect to this node using:
multichaind chain1@

Node started

asked Mar 5, 2018 by nagarajan1991

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I can't see anything wrong here. It looks like you just forgot to include the -daemon command line parameter, so MultiChain didn't switch to the background after it started,

answered Mar 5, 2018 by MultiChain
selected Mar 6, 2018 by nagarajan1991
Thanks, you are right