Read the initial address of a newly created node offline

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When I connect to an "anyone-can-connect=false" network, the node stops with a message what to execute on the other node to get permission.

Is it possible to read this address afterwards without having the node running?

I cannot use multichain-cli since it uses rpc and needs a running node.


I want to automate node generation and setup a littlebit therefore I need this information.


asked Mar 14, 2017 by Alexoid

1 Answer

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Your best bet is probably to use the -shortoutput=1 option for multichaind – this causes it to output a single line containing your blockchain address (if connection failed) or node address (if succeeded). You can tell the difference by search for the @ sign in the output.

There is no current easy way to extract the address from the wallet.dat file directly without multichaind, but you could search online for methods people have used to do this with Bitcoin Core, and adapt them for MultiChain.

answered Mar 14, 2017 by MultiChain