Importing the address of other node

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Hi Multichain,

I have two nodes , one is seed node and other is child node which is running on the Seed or Parent node.

Both the nodes have all the :: connect ,send ,recieve ,issue permissions which i gave them by editing params.dat file.

Now :

Parent Node's address : 13GRvj4L9n3BfiYCPWh4JZrDFXrWFcr4T8a9oY

Child nodes address is :  13YF1wwqSwDyLLYrTgW91hUbf1Gb2kK1EQ91Bc

so i am trying to import child nodes address on parent node using the below command:

multichain-cli supplierEntity importaddress "13YF1wwqSwDyLLYrTgW91hUbf1Gb2kK1EQ91Bc"

But it is giving me this error :

error code: -5
error message:
Invalid MultiChain address or script

I have to transfer some asset quantities from parent node to this child node that is why i am importing the child nodes address on the parent node.

The setup is done on the Windows.

Can you please suggest on this issue at the earliest ?

Much Thanks !!
asked Mar 22, 2018 by ss_developer
To help us diagnose this please can you also post the line that is output by multichain-cli showing the JSON-RPC request that it sent to MultiChain?

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