Cannot see address created on the same node

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Please I have two questions

1. I created 2 addresses in additional to the address that came with the node, but I cannot view the addresses using my web demo, is this a problem? I have 2 additional nodes and I can see the addresses situated in them and transfer funds to them. I am curious please, ?

2. Please can you clarify, what exactly is the wallet? I used to think that it was the same as the addresses, but reading other q and a, i can see that they are different.


Thank you
asked Oct 23, 2023 by uche

1 Answer

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The Web Demo is attached to a particular node, so it will see the addresses in that node's wallet only.

The wallet is the part of the node that stores its own addresses, including their private keys, and also tracks transactions that are of particular interest to the node.
answered Oct 24, 2023 by MultiChain