Last transaction with Asset in MutliSig Address

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One unit of an Asset is on a MultiSig Address. The unit is taken and send again to the same MultiSig Address. And again and again.

I can do it, manually, in using createrawtransaction and keeping the transaction id from the previous transaction.

But, how can I do to find the last transaction if I don't keep it ?

Even in importing MultiSig Address, I can't list transaction with listwallettransaction. And the result of listtransactions is the complete list of transactions without any filter on address or on asset.

Then how can I find transactions linked to an Asset for a multisig address ?
asked Feb 28, 2017 by Ub

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You should take a look at the createrawsendfrom API, which added support for imported multisig addresses in the latest MultiChain release. See this tutorial for more details:

answered Mar 1, 2017 by MultiChain
I didn't see it because I used a Virtual Machine with an old version of MultiChain. In updating multichain in version alpha 28, I find createrawsendfrom.

But I meet a problem in calling the function:
The result of :
getaddressbalances 44LPyMMP26GPC54QAixZCbsGSk3DBskQyE9bjy

is :
        "name" : "test03",
        "assetref" : "914-267-11627",
        "qty" : 100.00000000

and the result of the function called just after :
createrawsendfrom "44LPyMMP26GPC54QAixZCbsGSk3DBskQyE9bjy" '{"1GKFW7tR1bNfcNe6WaxhpsMSFTwnje1dg81Jcc":{"test03":1}}'

is :

error code: -4
error message:
Insufficient funds

is it the good way to call it "from-adress {destination-address:{asset-name:asset-qty}}" ?
I'm guessing that you called importaddress while using an earlier version of MultiChain, and then simply updated the MultiChain version keeping the same blockchain files? If so that would explain this problem. Please stop MultiChain then restart it with the -reindex=1 command line parameter. The problem should not appear again in future.
You're right : things were done under old version and things were done under new version.
After few problems trying to use the same BlockChain (even with reindex). I create a new one and create the use case from scratch and it works perfectly.

Thanks a lot.
Great - thanks for the update.