Role of “confirmation” attribute,listwallettransactions

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By using "MultiChain API", created a blockchain over 2 nodes in AWS.

Created 3 "Assets" using following commands on 1st node :
issue 1VN1TPRteLNSAz8xzzUuUdEzsE9qGFhaG1KBf asset1 1000 0.01
issue 1VN1TPRteLNSAz8xzzUuUdEzsE9qGFhaG1KBf asset2 1000 0.01
issue 1VN1TPRteLNSAz8xzzUuUdEzsE9qGFhaG1KBf asset3 1000 0.01

In order to confirm this transaction, executed following command:

My question is, why "Attribute: confirmation", iis increasing "incrementally(after every few seconds)" AND "variably (i.e. 33,22 & 11)" ?

Is it some kind of "Consensus Building" algorithm in action, in this regard ?


asked Apr 6, 2017 by GST

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The confirmations value shows 1 when a transaction enters a block for the first time, then continues increasing as more blocks are built on top of that one. It's a measure of finality, given the nature of the consensus protocol.

answered Apr 6, 2017 by MultiChain
I have a single block (i.e. genesis block) in my block chain, which is just created.
Although no transaction (e.g. granting access, transferring asset etc.) is initiated, But still, I am seeing "conformations: 4".
And it's incrementing, incrementing, incrementing and reached till "57".
If I don't misunderstood, then, it's happening because under the hood, new blocks are mined by my multichain server. Correct or This is Wrong ?
Yes, exactly. To understand the policy of mining blocks when there are no new transactions, see the documentation on mine-empty-rounds here:
That helped. I created new chain and configured "mine-empty-rounds: 5".

Executed my newly created chain and able to see "confirmations:5".

But, why it is named as "confirmations" and not "availableBlocks" ?

Is it because of the phenomenon of confirmation, which traverses through the entire "block-structure", to verify validity of new blocks, along with the validity of the entire block chain ?
The "confirmations" field is the number of blocks in the chain since that transaction was confirmed, so it's not the total number of blocks in the chain.
You are right.

For parameter configuration, *setup-first-blocks = 5* , I can see "confirmation:5", for "block-0" generation.

Said value of "confirmation:5", changed to "confirmation:7", when I executed transaction for granting access to 2nd node.

Increment of "2" happened because of the parameter confirmation of  *mine-empty-rounds = 2*

Thank you very much.