Segmentation fault on Windows 10 (but not on Mac)

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Hi, when I try to connect a slave node to the master node (with Windows 10), the slave node process receives the signal SIGSEGV and exits. On Mac, this setup works without problems.

I started the mutlichain slave node as child process with this command in NodeJS:

multichaind -txindex,-printtoconsole,-port=7447,-autosubscribe=streams,MyChain1@master-node:7447

Then I get these logs:

slave-node_1            | MultiChain version build 2.1.2 protocol 20012 (Jan 12 2021, 14:36:17)
slave-node_1            | Using OpenSSL version OpenSSL 1.0.1h 5 Jun 2014
slave-node_1            | Using BerkeleyDB version Berkeley DB 4.8.30: (April  9, 2010)
slave-node_1            | Default data directory /root/.multichain/MyChain1
slave-node_1            | Using data directory /root/.multichain/MyChain1
slave-node_1            | Using config file /root/.multichain/MyChain1/MyChain1.conf
slave-node_1            | Using at most 125 connections (1048576 file descriptors available)
slave-node_1            | Using 5 threads for script verification
slave-node_1            |
slave-node_1            | multichaind  | Using wallet wallet.dat
slave-node_1            | init message: Verifying wallet...
slave-node_1            | Wallet file exists. WalletDBVersion: 3.
slave-node_1            |
slave-node_1            | multichaind  | Binding RPC on address :: port 8000 (IPv4+IPv6 bind any: 1)
slave-node_1            |
slave-node_1            | multichaind  | init message: Initializing multichain...
slave-node_1            |
slave-node_1            | multichaind  | nFileVersion = 100000
slave-node_1            | Keys: 2 plaintext, 0 encrypted, 2 w/ metadata, 2 total
slave-node_1            |
slave-node_1            | multichaind  | mchn: Checking seed address master-node:7447
slave-node_1            |
slave-node_1            | NodeJS-DEBUG: Child exited with code null and got signal SIGSEGV
slave-node_1            | NodeJS-DEBUG: on close for Slave with code: null and got signal SIGSEGV
slave-node_1            | NodeJS-DEBUG: Multichain stopped with exit code null. Retry in 10 Seconds...

asked Sep 15, 2021 by DanTheMan
Am forwarding to the tech team to take a look.

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The most likely explanation is that there is some issue with the DNS resolution for this special address master-node which is not a standard type of domain name. Please try substituting the IP address instead of master-node when you run multichaind on the command line.

answered Sep 19, 2021 by MultiChain
Thanks for your response. I fixed by using the IP address of the master-node as you mentioned. The problem only occurs in docker on windows because it uses a different DNS than Docker on Mac.