is it safe to use MultiChain?

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if we install and use multiChain on a server, so it mean we have only 1 miner or only 1 copy of ledge ?

Can private blockchain by multi chain is easy to corrupt the transaction if the computing power of the hacker computer?

is it corrupt transaction proof with MultiChian than BitCoin BlockChain since BitCoin have so many miners?
asked Jan 17, 2017 by veyhong

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Assuming you are using permissioned miners, the security of a MultiChain blockchain works differently to that of a public blockchain like bitcoin. For more information please see this answer:
answered Jan 17, 2017 by MultiChain
So if a private sector using multi chain, then they can alter the transaction easily since they hold up all of the node right ?
The whole point of a blockchain is to spread the control over multiple computers, rather than a single computer. If you're just using a single node for the entire system, you might as well use a regular database.