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Hi! Happy New Year!
I am using Multichain’s software for Windows. However, I am very new to the field and I do not understand complicated technical terms (I am not a developer)!

I followed the instructions I found at in order to create my blockchain and my digital coin. I used one PC for the whole process.

However, when I tried to reconnect to my blockchain, I got a cmd message in my native language saying something like “The DNS server is not reliable for the zone” (????). Should I have followed the instructions found below instead (using 2 PCs)?

Could you please explain to me what I have to do? I also have more questions that will write down in another post!

Thank you
asked Dec 30, 2016 by vas

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You'd have to post a full transcript of what you typed, and the error message. so we can understand what's going on. But in general we would recommend using the 'Getting Started' guide the first time, to get a general sense of how the software works.
answered Jan 2, 2017 by MultiChain
Hi! Thank you for answering.

1. Concerning your 7th answer:
“….. any computer running 64-bit Linux or Windows …. (unless anyone-can-connect=true).”
Generally speaking, how the blockchain detects who is the admin in order to allow him to create assets from nothing without mining (mint)?
2. When I created my blockchain, a “multichain.conf” file was created. The file contains a rpcuser and a rpcpassword. In your documentations you say these are the “API credentials”. Are those the username and password for interacting with the blockchain? Are those credentials visible to all blockchain users (or just to the admin)?
3. Which is the highest amount of coins I can issue to an address as an administrator/mint?
4. Which is the highest amount of coins that your blockchains allow to be in circulation?
5. Screen4:
I have created 2 addresses and tried to send coins from the 1st to the 2nd. However the 2nd didn’t have receive permissions. So I tried to grant them with no success.
6. Screen3:
I used the command dumpprivkey and got the private key of each of my test addresses. Can someone else find my private key if he knows my address?
7. What is the difference between an address and a public key? The private key is a kind of address’s password.
8. How can someone start mining? Is there any command for it?
9. Can I change the parameters of my blockchain AFTER creating it?
10. Can you suggest me any coin exchange services that you co-operate with?

Thank you
1. There's a permissions system that includes control over administration.
2. These are the credentials for access the JSON-RPC API and visible only to the computer running that node.
3+4. The maximum quantity of any asset is 2^63-1, i.e. a stupidly large number.
5. You need to list permissions without spaces after commas.
6. No, nobody can find your private key just from your address. That's why it's "private"!
7. An address is calculated from a public key using a couple of one-way hashing functions. It's just like a shortened public key, but nobody can find your public key just from your address. They can however find it from the blockchain once you have spent something from that address.
8. Each node mines automatically if it has permission to do so, at the appropriate frequency.
9. No, once a blockchain is started the parameters are fixed.
10. We don't have direct relationships with coin exchanges because most MultiChain users are not looking to create cryptocurrency-like systems, but rather private shared databases.
Hi! Thank you for answering.

1.    “The maximum quantity of any asset is 2^63-1….”
So this is NOT the total amount of coins in the MultiChain system (like the 21 million bitcoins in the bitcoin blockchain). It is the limit in ONE ASSET only (one line of code). If yes, this means that the coins in are unlimited in MultiChain. Am I right?

I tried to send 10 coins between 2 addresses but I get an “invalid amount” error. What is wrong in the code I typed?
3.    Is it possible to create an address for a third person (as an admin) and give it to him/her in order for him/her to get the private key and use it as his own? Is it possible for him to get a new private key (like changing his password in his email account)?
4.    Can I create a mobile applications using your code ( Is that Javascript?

Thank you
1. That's right, there is no hard limit on the number of assets (apart from limits due to system storage/performance).
2. It looks like you are trying to send a quantity of the native asset, rather than an issued asset. Was that the intention?
3. Yes, one party can give someone else the private key for a new address created, but then the first party still has the private key. It's not possible to change the private key for an address.
4. You can access the JSON-RPC API from any language you want, it's not language-specific. But your mobile application would have to access MultiChain remotely since it cannot run on a mobile device.
Hi! Sorry for the late reply!
“It looks like you are trying to send a quantity of the native asset, rather than an issued asset. Was that the intention?”
What is the difference between a native asset and an issued asset?
How can I send coins from one address to another?

My aim is to create an amount of coins (like a mint) and then send some (or all them) to another user’s address.

Generally speaking, my purpose of creating a coin is …
1.    To be able to produce coins (as an admin) without mining.
2.    Be able to send coins to others.
3.    Set the currency rate (if possible).
4.    Let others create addresses/public keys/private keys.
5.    Let others receive and send coins.
6.    Let others mine coins.
7.    Exchange coins online through exchange services.

Thank you!