Multichain Benchmarking

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We are running multichain network with 10 nodes to test our application which is working on node JS.  One complete request takes data from front-end of our application, passes it to backend, and backend pushes it to Multichain node using stream publish. We are using Apache-Jmeter to see the throughput and latency for each node. In my opinion, this is the performance of requests that are sent to multichain node. But in a broader view, how we can analyse  multichain network performance.

asked May 25, 2021 by Ahsan

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You could build a system that pushes transactions from multiple nodes simultaneously, at a certain total rate per second. You can then monitor using getmempoolinfo to see if transactions are being generated faster than the network can process them. Also, you will start to experience slower responses to API calls (although note that anyway there can be a short delay while a node processes a new incoming block).

See also this page for performance tips:

answered May 26, 2021 by MultiChain