getNewAddress() HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error

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any ideas? Im using kunstmaan\multichain and trying to call getNewAddress(). I can call other methods like grant asset, getAddresses, getInfo etc. Im not sure why i cant generate address.

My blockchain parameters as follows

# Global permissions


anyone-can-connect = false              # Anyone can connect, i.e. a publicly readable blockchain.

anyone-can-send = false                 # Anyone can send, i.e. transaction signing not restricted by address.

anyone-can-receive = false              # Anyone can receive, i.e. transaction outputs not restricted by address.

anyone-can-create = false               # Anyone can create new streams.

anyone-can-issue = false                # Anyone can issue new native assets.

anyone-can-mine = false                 # Anyone can mine blocks (confirm transactions).

anyone-can-activate = false             # Anyone can grant or revoke connect, send and receive permissions.

anyone-can-admin = false                # Anyone can grant or revoke all permissions.

allow-p2sh-outputs = true               # Allow pay-to-scripthash (P2SH) scripts, often used for multisig.

allow-multisig-outputs = true           # Allow bare multisignature scripts, rarely used but still supported.

Thanks in advance

asked Nov 22, 2016 by gigamike

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I'm afraid we aren't deeply familiar with third party libraries built for MultiChain. But your path to debugging is to output the HTTP JSON-RPC payload sent by that library, and compare it to the first line output by multichain-cli for the same command. Perhaps that will show what is going wrong.

answered Nov 22, 2016 by MultiChain

thanks for help, any ideas where is the error log file of multichain when executing via jsonrpc. The jsonrpc is just returning error 500 so i guess its on multichain. I already checked /root/.multichain/chain1/*

Thanks in advance,

If you run multichaind with -debug=mcapi, you may see the relevant information.
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I had the same issue - to fix change the method `getNewAddress` in the `MultichainClient` class at line 111 as follows:

public function getNewAddress()
    return $this->jsonRPCClient->execute("getnewaddress", []);
answered Dec 9, 2016 by lenh