Connection - error message: Insufficient funds

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I set up two virtual machines with Ubuntu (wallet is the second). When I run the command in the first VM

multichain-cli chain1 grant 1FUc6zjhMmR5zw8ap1JEVVrXjFpMQJ58YT4uN8 connect

The response is:

{"Method": "grant", "params": [ "1Vr8h9X8TtddfPke7v1gfRymXkwWYHe7aj7bGi", "connect"], "id": 1,"chain_name": "chain1"}
Error Code: -4
error message:
Insufficient funds

I saw a similar topic to that, but not found the solution.

How should I proceed?
asked Oct 26, 2016 by romulozanconeto
Try running the command in first node "multichain-cli chain1 listunspent"

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