Insufficient funds - message whilst going through Getting Started....

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Hi there,

I've just downloaded configured and set up version 1.0.23 of MultiChain and I get an insufficient funds message when trying to grant permissions to my second server. Any ideas please?

I noticed someone asked the same question elsewhere and you asked if they are using a currency. I'm in the same boat as them, no currency or custom config just defaults straight out of the box. I'm also sure I'm running the grant command on the same server as I started the node on.



gareth@ubuntu-a:~$ multichain-cli chain1 grant 1Pjvjc8VV33wRk2coBMnibTtuuMZ75NMCmpi47 connect



error code: -4

error message:

Insufficient funds

gareth@ubuntu-a:~$ ps aux | grep multichain

gareth    2522  0.6  3.9 705932 39680 ?        SLsl 12:32   0:06 multichaind chain1 -daemon

gareth    2555  0.0  0.1  14228  1084 pts/0    S+   12:47   0:00 grep --color=auto multichain


asked Sep 5, 2016 by garethcurtis
Thanks - would you mind stopping your node, then zipping up the ~/.multichain/chain1 blockchain directory and emailing it to us at multichain.debug at We haven't been able to reproduce this ourselves but it does appear to be a problem that keeps popping up.
Thanks for the quick reply! I've sent the folder as requested. Interestingly, I tried again and created another instance and it worked fine. I think this is to do with running on a virtual machine and suspending it. Seems like it doesn't resume. So if I did a stop/start maybe this wouldn't occur.

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Following the comment, it appears this happened because the node was not shut down properly. This kind of wallet corruption can be fixed by running multichaind with the parameter -rescan (or if that does not work, try -reindex=1 instead).

answered Sep 5, 2016 by MultiChain
Hi there. Thanks for the assistance - yes, I can confirm it didn't like being suspended and using the above I was able to get it going again.