Insufficient Funds error

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In my blockchain, have 3 nodes, namely,


Node2: this node has native assets in an address, having external private key,

Node3: this node also has an address, having external private key.

Getting insufficient funds error, when "Node1" tries to run following API command:

createrawsendfrom <Node2-Private-Address>  {\" <Node3-Private-Address>\":{\" <Native-Asset-Name> \":1}}

I understand that I am getting, insufficient funds error,because "Admin(or anyone else)" can't access assets kept inside "private addresses" on a different node.

But, shouldn't API command throw intuitive error, instead of "Insufficient Funds", as it's misleading ?
asked May 15, 2017 by GST

1 Answer

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Thanks, it sounds like the error here should relate to the fact that the address is not in the wallet, rather than insufficient funds. We'll check into it.
answered May 16, 2017 by MultiChain