What happened to my unconfirmed transactions

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I run two nodes on blockchain, the first has full permissions, the second can only connect, send, and receive. I then shut down the first node and send some asset from the second. When I started the first node again, I expect the transaction that I made to be confirmed and the balances of the first node to reflect that, but it's not. Even after few hours, the transaction is still unconfirmed. all this happened on the first day.

On the second day, I run both the nodes again and for the first few hours the transaction is still unconfirmed. But then suddenly the transactions is being processed and confirmed.

I don't understand why was this happen, that my transactions was not being processed for hours and then suddenly it was. Could you tell me what happened?


asked Oct 21, 2016 by kiki

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I think the reason is that, by switching off the only node which could perform mining (i.e. confirm transactions), you upset the process which predicts how often blocks should be generated, and it takes some time for this process to readjust itself. We're still tweaking this area of the product, but for now you should try to keep at least one mining node running.
answered Oct 23, 2016 by MultiChain