Error code -8, unconfirmed asset

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I'm having an issue with the confirmation of a newly issued asset. Apparently, it doesn't have any problems in the beginning, but after i set my vps idle for a few days, and when i tried issue a new asset, it just doesnt confirm anymore. Any idea why? TIA~
asked Jan 28, 2016 by otokiru

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The most likely explanation is that mining stopped because the chain reached the end of the setup period, the blockchain parameters have mining-requires-peers=true and you are running a single node with no peers.

You can verify this by seeing if blocks matches setupblocks in the output from getinfo and by checking the value of mining-requires-peers in the output from getblockchainparams.

If so, and you don't want to start a new chain, the solution is either to connect another node, or else to issue the stop command, and then restart multichaind with the extra -miningrequirespeers=0 option.

answered Jan 28, 2016 by MultiChain
selected Jan 28, 2016 by otokiru