When and how to update the transaction status, from unconfirmed to confirmed

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Suppose after we send transaction to MultiChain, there is no error in the response. So the transaction is still unconfirmed. Is possible this transaction is declined later, like BlockChain, need long time to confirm?

I am considering show all transaction status in the user wallet. How should I know when the transaction is confirmed, whether it’s success or not? Is there any command API for this requirement? Thanks.

1) Will I get the notification from MultiChain if the transaction is confirmed?

2) Or should I create the batch, to query MultiChain for the unconfirmed transaction’s latest status?


asked Jul 12, 2016 by Helen

1 Answer

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If you call getwallettransaction there is a field which tells you how many confirmations the transaction has received.

answered Jul 12, 2016 by MultiChain
Thank you a lot.