Where does the transaction fees go after a transaction has been made?

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Ok I did get the native currency and transaction fees working.  My question is after two nodes who are not miners make a transaction where does the transaction fee go.  I see it is deducted from the sender.  Does it go back to the node that issued the native currency or does it get burned?  My assumption is it goes back to the miner who issued the native currency?

Also after you start a chain you cannot change the transaction fee amount unless you start a new chain with new params.dat parameters?  Is that a correct?
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asked Jul 19, 2016 by anonymous

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The transaction fee is always collected by the miner who creates the block in which that transaction is included.

And yes, you cannot change parameters of the chain after it is created. But you can decide how much fee to attach to each transaction when you create it.
answered Jul 21, 2016 by MultiChain