View Balance of address who has not been added to a wallet

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I want to see the balances of an address that isn't necessarily in any nodes wallet.

I have created a new address with "createkeypairs" I use raw transactions to send some of asset1 to the new address. I know it sends the value, as I see it go away from the address that is in the wallet, (I also sent value then added the address to the wallet and it contained all the balances I expected).

I have the private key for the address and the value has been moved. how can I view the value without adding it to a wallet?

asked Dec 8, 2017 by animaxcg

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You can use importaddress to add an address to the wallet for tracking its balance only, without the private key. However you cannot view the balance of any address in the wallet, using the node alone.

answered Dec 10, 2017 by MultiChain