Performing data analytics on encrypted records

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Is there a way in Multichain (community or enterprise) to compute aggregate statistics without decrypting all data every single time? Such as Zero Knowledge Proof, Secure Multi-party computation and partially omomorphic functions.

For example, we store blood test results which only patients can decrypt or give others permission to decrypt. If we wanted to do some analysis on this data such as a trend analysis on a specific result, how can we avoid needing to decrypt all records first and then analysing?
asked Aug 13, 2020 by Georgie

1 Answer

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There's no built-in functionality in MultliChain for this kind of thing, so you would need to take care of it at the application level using whichever technique (e.g. homomorphic encryption) suits you. There's no problem storing large blobs of raw binary data in MultiChain streams, so it could still act as your decentralized tamper-resistant storage and timestamping mechanism.
answered Aug 14, 2020 by MultiChain