Create stream using RPC with encrypted key

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In this time, after implement a Multichain company i read in your answers about the key pass as plain text

My question is, it's possible pass this key with a encryption with the public key or something similar to prevent the capture of information??


Eduardo Rotundo
asked Nov 16, 2017 by erotundo87
Please provide a broader explanation of the flow you want to work with, including when this key is passed, so we can see if we can help.

The flow is:

-> Create a Stream command (with IP, chain name, key) -> Create Stream (stream name) -> Publish (stream name, metadata)...

I want if it's possible create the stream command but with encrypted information to prevent the capture of data, the now it's traveling to the server as a plain text so i want to prevent this.

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Eduardo Rotundo

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MultiChain has support for SSL connections to its JSON-RPC API – if you run multichaind you'll see a list of related options.

answered Nov 20, 2017 by MultiChain