Error connecting to the seed node, while calling blockchain

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MultiChain has been downloaded and installed on the both the below Linux servers (Server 1 and Server 2)

Currently facing issue in connecting one MultiChain block created on Node 1 to Node 2. We are getting the below error response while connecting:

Error: Couldn't connect to the seed node "Server1" on port 9559 - please check multichaind is running at that address and that your firewall settings allow incoming connections.

We have checked that our multichaind process is running on Server 1

We have also checked all the software firewalls on our both the Linux servers and disabled them, but still unable to connect. We have also raised a ticket to our Server providers. While, they are successfully able to do the connection.

They are able to successfully connect from node2(W2) to node1 (W1). But still from our end, we are not able to do the connection.

Various approaches tried:

  1. Removed the created blockchains and again created them from scratch. And then tried to connect.
  2. Tried Soft Reboot of each of the Linux servers after making the changes.
  3. Also implemented the suggestions given by the MultiChain Developer forum, and checked the logs file generated. But found the logs file to be empty. No error logs were found in those files.
  4. Tried to change the params.dat file and change the port numbers and then tried to connect.
  5. Making a connection from W1 server to W2 server and vice-versa.
  6.  We have also checked by the alternative IP Address that is generated at both the server ends, and tried by connecting using those particular IP's, but still no success.
  7. Also made a scan that the generated TCP port number is open or not. The TCP port is being shown as OPEN only.
Please, suggest what is going wrong from our side. As because our Server Providers are able to do the connection between both the servers, but we are not from our local systems.

Any help would be highly appreciated.




asked Jul 15, 2016 by lipi

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Do you want to try going through the 'Getting Started' tutorial first, between two nodes (local or remote)? It may be something simple like using the wrong chain name.
answered Jul 15, 2016 by MultiChain
I have followed the same tutorial for creating the blockchains and initializing it and then connecting each other.

Also the chain names are correct that we had passed.
So if I understand your original description correctly, there is a node you can connect to from some places, but not from other places? Apart from a firewall issue, it could also be due to the displayed node address containing an IP address that is only used for the internal network, and can't be accessed from outside. If that makes sense, please try substituting that server's public-facing IP address.
We had used the Public IP only. Also, when we had created the chain, it gave us the complete URL (that comprised of the Public IP too) to connect to another node, and we had tried by hitting that particular URL only.
If you want to set up the node and private message me the node address, I can try connecting.
Can you give me the e-mail ID on which I can drop an e-mail for the node address, or any other way out?
You can send it to multichain.debug at gmail.
I have sent an e-mail with the required details at
Thanks, I've replied from there and we'll take this off-forum.