MultiChain Web Demo

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I really love the Multichain web demo interface for its ease of use.

I was able to create a token, issue it to a few addresses, etc.

However, I encountered two issues:

1. It seems like anyone who goes to the URL can send themselves as many tokens from the administrator's account. How do you prevent that?

2. When #1 is done, I also noticed that when you keep hitting the F5 key to refresh the screen, the same amount of tokens keep being added to the receiver's account.

For example, I send 1000 tokens to someone's account. They now have 1000 tokens. If I press F5 to refresh the page, they now have 2000 tokens. Press F5 a third time, now they have 3000 tokens and so on.

How can I stop that from happening?

Thanks in advance!

asked Jul 23, 2020 by Pavon Dunbar

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I'm afraid the Web Demo is just that – a demo. If you want to make it secure you can modify the PHP code to add authentication, ensure that forms redirect to themselves after being submitted, etc...
answered Jul 23, 2020 by MultiChain