multichain-web-demo doesn't show accurate values of asset on browser

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I tried spinning up multichain-web-demo, I see values printed on web-page shows endian specific data, where-as same transactions when performed on multichain-cli yields accurate results i.e via sendasset . That said I have a query :

  1. When values are key'd in, what command does perform i.e sendasset or something else ?

  2. Also can you help point us to source that's leveraged in-order to perform the same ?

asked Apr 28, 2019 by Harsha

1 Answer

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The Web Demo uses the createrawsendfrom command to create a new asset.

It would be surprising if there was an endian issue in the Web Demo, since it's PHP code that reads JSON structures from the MultiChain API, and doesn't decode transaction content directly.

So the issue is likely to be elsewhere – it's worth uncommenting the two lines in functions.php that include:

echo '<PRE>';

This will show up the JSON requests and responses that are being sent to the MultiChain API.

answered Apr 29, 2019 by MultiChain